From social media, to banner placements, to article writing, we offer it all.


Target your market with banner ads and guarantee that you'll receive the clicks or impressions that you're looking for.

Social Media

We can boast over 400K followers within our social media network. Put it to use and get the word out about your product/service!

Quantifiable Results

We keep your campaigns running until your targets are hit. Whether it be banners or social media posts, we guarantee the impressions or clicks you're looking for.

We're the cheaper, more effective solution.

Our Prices

Our prices are positioned to be cheaper than the industry averages.


Industry Averages
Average cost per click 2016: $2.14
Average cost per 1,000 impressions: $2.80

Our Prices
Clicks Campaign: $1.07 per click
Impression Campaign: $1.40 per thousand impressions

Just tell us how many clicks or impressions you're looking for!

Social Media Campaign

We specialize in Facebook and Twitter social media campaigns. Our reach grows every day with over 400K followers within our network. Contact us for a customized social media package. Combine social media campaigns and banner campaigns to save up to 30%!

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