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Jessica Jung Gets Slammed for Talking About Girls’ Generation in Interview

Jessica Jung Gets Slammed for Talking About Girls’ Generation in Interview

The ‘Because It’s Spring’ songstress reveals that the bond she had with Girls’ Generation is precious since she went through a lot of things with her ex-groupmates.

Jessica Jung is no longer a member of Girls’ Generation, but it doesn’t mean that she will forget the precious memories that they shared. However, the “Fly” hitmaker receives backlash from fans for talking about the group in an interview.

The singer/designer reveals that her time in Girls’ Generation is priceless. “A precious relationship, something precious, which I spent my youth together with?” she says of the group. “We went through everything together, including difficult and good moments and more. I think it was a really beautiful period for me that I cannot erase.”

Jessica, who also celebrated her tenth debut anniversary on August 5, feels proud of herself for being able to stay in the industry for so long. “It was only when my fans told me that I thought, ‘That’s right, this year is my 10th anniversary.’ I feel proud of myself too for reaching my 10th anniversary,” she dishes.

The “Wonderland” singer further shares that Girls’ Generation’s debut song “Into the New World” is still a song that she treasures. “It’s a really happy song. A song that I cherish,” she gushes. “I saw some buses on my way to the hair salon today, and they were the buses in which we filmed ‘Into the New World’. I’m happy. It’s a precious song.”

Although Jessica seems sincere in the interview, fans think she’s only using Girls’ Generation’s name to boost her popularity. “The reason people hate her is because she didn’t leave in a positive way in the first place, but keeps releasing her albums at the same time as [Girls’ Generation] and uses them for dirty marketing,” a fan comments on an article on Naver. Another adds, “She should know that she was able to sell anything at all thanks to her Girls’ Generation name.”

In September 2014, Jessica announced that she had been asked to leave Girls’ Generation by SM Entertainment and the other eight members. Her statement caused a controversy as many believed that Jessica was the one who left the group because she wanted to focus on her career as a designer.

Meanwhile, Jessica’s third mini-album “My Decade” is set to be released on August 9.

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