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Evidence Proves That iKON Respects Women

Evidence Proves That iKON Respects Women

After being accused of degrading women during their concert, fans revealed how the members respect women in daily life.

Fans of iKON have spoken up after the group was accused of degrading women while crossdressing during their concert last year. One of those fans posted on Instiz some evidence which proved that the “Bling Bling” singers actually respect women a lot.

Jay and June often wear earrings that are actually safety pins, which shows their support for women as well as others who are considered as the minorities. Bobby and B.I had also worn the pins during some events.

Besides safety pins, June has been sporting a black bracelet with the words “Blooming their hopes with you.” The bracelet aims to raise awareness of “comfort women.” These women were forced to satisfy Japanese soldiers’ sexual desire during the World War II.

During one of their concerts, Bobby could be seen taking off his jacket before giving it to a pregnant fan who was in attendance. In a video obtained by a fan, the “Bounce” rapper looked very worried about the fan and immediately gave his jacket to her.

Leader B.I also showed his concern for a female MC who was wearing a short skirt during iKON’s appearance on a Chinese show. B.I kept looking at the MC’s legs and decided that her skirt was way too short. He later took Chan’s jacket and covered the MC’s legs with it.

After seeing the evidence, people admitted that the hate directed toward iKON was too much, but thought that what they did during their concert was still inappropriate. “Even though it’s not misogyny, I still can’t understand why they decided to act like that at their concert. It’s not like they hate on women, but their actions were still problematic,” a commenter wrote. “The only thing I can say is that they should be careful next time,” another added.

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